Bio oil – my personal review

I have heard so much about this Bio Oil – all positive reviews – so when I saw it in my local hypermarket, I bought myself some.

The manufacturers of Bio Oil say on their site that:

Bio-Oil can be best described as a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. It contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, which changes the formulation’s overall consistency, making it light and non-greasy.

I like the idea that it is “non greasy” as I don’t care for oily creams which I feel clog my pores a bit. And “light” seems like you can put it on in the morning during the commute to work and not have to worry about your face glowing like a beacon when you arrive at work. Keep reading to find out what users have to say

FitFlops – tone up your legs while you walk

I just love FitFlops.. I cannot wait until the summer comes until I can start wearing them again. I have three pairs of FitFlops ranging from a plain cream colored pair to silver pair to a pair with a kind of leopard skin print so that I can wear them with practically everything. In fact, now I have tried them out, I hardly wear any other shoes the whole summer. Keep reading to find out more

Olay Anti Wrinkle Creams – one of my favorites

I just love this brand of Olay Anti Wrinkle Creams. I love the color, (purple is one of my favorite colors) and I love how they work. I also love the price. There are a series of creams and moisturizers for every part of your face.

Here we have the Olay Age Defying 2-In-1 Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream + Serum 1.7 Fl Oz

which is non greasy and goes on really well. You should put this on before your moisturizer. Smells pretty good too. I really hate those one which have such an overpowering smell, don’t you?

I really love the Olay Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream, 0.5 Ounce

which is transparent and more like a gel than a cream and tightens up the under eye area really quickly. It works in a matter of minutes. It is a wee bit sticky so you should wait a few minutes before putting your eye make up on.

Nanoblur Anti-Aging Cream

Hi. I have treated myself to this cream Nanoblur Anti-Aging Cream for instant skin perfection 1.0 oz.because, as the hype says: Look 10 years younger in only 40 seconds! Who can resist that? And, at my age, that just can’t be bad!

Unlike its sister cream Snoxin 4 x Better Than $500+ Serum

this is to be applied over makeup – several times a day if you want. This is what the manufacturer  “Indeed Laboratories” claim:

Nanoblur is an optical cream used to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and enlarged pores on the face and neck area immediately. The product’s results remain until the face is rinsed. When the light reflects off of your face, the Nanoprisms in the cream create an impression that your lines and wrinkles are diminished leaving you with an instant gratification. You can wear Nanoblur on your bare skin after your moisturizer or with makeup on your face. Nanoblur is free of fragrances and has no tint or smell.

As I commented in my previous post about “Snoxin”, I think that marketing department could have knocked themselves out a bit coming up with a name.

Again, as I mentioned previously, don’t be misled by the 3ml size tube. It is really, really small. Here are a couple of pictures which I took to help put things into perspective:



This is the Nanoblur Anti-Aging Cream for instant skin perfection 1.0 next to a 4ml tube.





This is the 4ml  tube next to a cotton wool bud.



So buy yourself the proper size Nanoblur Anti-Aging Cream for instant skin perfection 1.0 oz.or you are going to be disappointed. And you won’t have enough to see that it really works.

Let me know what you think about it.

Love Aunty Ann

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Snoxin 4 x Better Than $500+ Serum a personal review

The name – Snoxin 4 x Better Than $500+ Serum (30 ml.)
really caught my eye. Better than serums costing $500 – can’t be bad. So, I treated myself to a tube. I do think the name is not all that attractive – Snoxin – and, in my (not so) humble opinion, the Marketing Department could have done their job a wee bit better. I am sure a more catchy name would help them to sell more.

The price, while not that cheap, isn’t too that expensive either. You get a full 30ml tube. If you read the reviews on Amazon you will find that the most interesting thing that most people have complained about the size, not the product –Snoxin 4 x Better Than $500+ Serum (30 ml.)

itself. I realize that if you are not used to the metric system, 3 ml might sound a lot so I have taken some photos to show what that means.

This is a picture of the full size Snoxin 4 x Better Than $500+ Serum (30 ml.)

next to a sample size of another product. It is only 4ml as I didn’t have a 3 mil one. You can see the difference in size.




Here you can see, quite clearly, how small 4 ml  really is next to a cotton wool bud.

Don’t waste your time buying the small size as it seems so much cheaper – you won’t have enough to really try out the product.

I have tried it out and I really like it. It goes on easily without any greasy feeling, great if you have a slightly greasy skin. Put it on under your usual moisturizer and notice the difference.

No animal testing was involved and no parabens, fragrances, colour or propylene glycol ingredients are used in this product. Bear in mind that this product does not promise instant results – you will need at least a week to notice its effects so don’t give up. Since I have been  using it, my daughter has been commenting on how much better my skin looks and can she try it out! Can’t be better praise than that coming from someone in their 20’s!

Snoxin 4 x Better Than $500+ Serum (30 ml.)

If you do want to see instant results, try out its sister product – Nanoblur Anti-Aging Cream for instant skin perfection 1.0 oz.

Stay tuned for my review on this product. It is well worth waiting for!

Update: I have been using this for the last couple of days and I can feel that my skin is softer immediately after applying it. It is non greasy and sinks in easily. However, I need to wait at least a week for the effects to really show. Am liking it so far.

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