Dress A Girl Around The World – My First Dress

I can now add the “Dress A Girl” logo as I have made my first dress! I had a little help from my sister as I am not a dressmaking expert but I am really proud of my first attempt!


Now I know how to do it, I shall be making more so watch this space!

If you want to see how I did it, step by step, head over to my Squidoo Lens for detailed instructions with photos.

And if you go here you can find out more about this great charity and how you can help. There are videos showing their work too. It also lists other charities which you can participate in by knitting for example.

Please leave a comment either here or there to let me know how you got on with making a dress.

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Dress A Girl Around The World

Dress a girl logo
I first came across this worldwide charity in August when I was reading a British woman’s magazine.

I had never hard about it but the idea seemed so wonderful that I just had to share it so that more people can participate.



The idea is to make a simple pillowcase dress – out of an old pillowcase. However, it doesn’t have to be from a pillowcase as you can use a suitable length of material which you may have hanging around. Or you can buy a couple of yards of material.

The charity is based in the USA – this is their website:

But the woman I read about, who is doing such sterling work is based in the UK. Her name is Louise Horler and, thanks to her dedication and participation she has been named the UK International Partner for the charity as she has collected over 7,000 dresses from lovely people all over the UK and Ireland. This is her website:

The charity feels that if little girls, and teenagers, are well dressed it shows that someone is looking out for them, that they are not alone. They now make shorts for little boys too.

And let’s face it, everyone loves getting new clothes from time to time.

Once you have made your first dress you can put this logo on your blog to show you have participated.

I haven’t actually won the right to have this as, so far, I have not been able to make one but watch this space! –Update: I have now made my first dress. Check it out here.

Here is a link for the basic pattern. It is really easy even for someone like me who is not an expert dressmaker.

Louise and the USA website have kindly given my permission to show the photos here so please head over to the gallery to check them out and show how happy these children look.

I have also written a lens about it on Squidoo – plus another one with step by step instructions, with photos, how to make one.

Let me know if you have made one or participated in any other charity to help people out like knitting a hat for the homeless.

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