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Spring seems to be here. And summer is just around the corner. Does the thought of stripping off layers of winter clothes and wearing light summer clothes freak you out? Are you going to be covered up “cos I burn easily” yet again? Now is the time to make a start!

I love the Dukan Diet, which I have used successfully in the past (How on earth did I let those pounds creep back on?!) because you can see the results practically immediately. None of this – Lose A Pound A Week! stuff. If you have a lot to lose, like me, this just doesn’t appeal. We want it off like right now!!

Remember that this is a war on your excess weight and, like any good general, you need to have a strategy. You have to prepare yourself to start the diet. First, you need to work out just how much weight you want to lose so that you know how long you should stay on the first phase – the Attack Phase. But you can’t do this unless you know how much you weigh. I have just got on the scales and weigh 84 kilos (far, far too much!!)

Now you need know how much you should weigh. This is often a point where a lot of people give up before they start with excuses such as – There is no way I will lose all that!”. Or, “I have never weighed so little”. Or, “I will look ill if I lose so much weight”. So you are defeated before you start. Don’t let that be you.

Height / weight charts usually give a maximum and minimum weight and, in my opinion, it is always better to aim for the higher weight especially if you have been overweight for a long time. Once you have reached this goal weight you can always reassess your target weight. You might feel good at this weight or decide, if you have a small frame, that you need to lose a few more pounds or kilos.

You can find a weight calculator here: http://www.askauntyann.com/blog/fj76

You really do need to bite the bullet and take this crucial step. So, weigh yourself and either post it here or if you are reluctant to post send it to me via email so I can keep a record for you,

Basically if you need to lose about 10 pounds you need to do the Attack Phase for only one day. If you need to lose between 10 and 20 pounds stay on it for three days. Between 20 and 40 pounds means you stay on this Phase for five days and over 40 pounds means between seven and ten days. .I know people always tell you this but it is true – if you are heavily overweight, you should consult your physician first..

This is very important – don’t make the mistake after seeing great results of thinking you can stay on this phase longer. The diet has been carefully worked out so once you finish the recommended Attack Phase move onto the next one – Cruise

(Although you will be able to find a lot of information here it is always a good idea to get the official book. I myself have most of his books and find them very useful especially for new recipes to keep me going when I get bored eating the same old thing over and over again).


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