Getting A Mentor – John Thornhill One Month Mentor

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helping hand
ll need a helping hand at some point. I wanted to get myself a mentor as people have recommended this but the cost was far too much and, let’s face it, we are doing this to make a bit of money. So when someone sent me a promotion for John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor Course at an affordable price, I jumped at the chance

I thought that 31 Days would be a great way to start as you should see results pretty soon. So, please go to my new website to see my progress and where I review the course. Your comments would be gratefully received too.

Getting A Mentor

helping hand

Everyone has been saying the best way to get ahead in Internet or Affiliate Marketing is to get yourself a mentor. But most of these, for those of us who are on a shoestring budget and are doing Internet and or Affiliate Marketing is to make some $$$.

So when I got an email telling me about John Thornhhill’s 31 Day Mentoring Program at an affordable price I decided to sign up and try it out.

Go to my new website, set up following his instructions here:

Dress A Girl Around The World – My First Dress

I can now add the “Dress A Girl” logo as I have made my first dress! I had a little help from my sister as I am not a dressmaking expert but I am really proud of my first attempt!


Now I know how to do it, I shall be making more so watch this space!

If you want to see how I did it, step by step, head over to my Squidoo Lens for detailed instructions with photos.

And if you go here you can find out more about this great charity and how you can help. There are videos showing their work too. It also lists other charities which you can participate in by knitting for example.

Please leave a comment either here or there to let me know how you got on with making a dress.

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Christmas Gift Site

Hi. I have just set up a new site to help you with some really cool gifts for this coming Christmas.

You can check it out by going to:http:/www./

Do keep coming back to it as I am adding really great gifts all the time. Wrapping paper and all! Everything to help make this Christmas as stress-free as possible.

Love AA xx

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